Board Bonus Feature

The Bonus Board Feature is the crown jewel of Monopoly Here and Now, because this is where you get to play the traditional Monopoly game and – we hope – cash in on your upgraded properties and maybe even land a tasty Free Parking jackpot.

To trigger this Bonus Board Feature, you first need to get three Board Bonus symbols on any active pay line. If you achieve this, you will be given a choice of three dice symbols. Select one of them and you will discover how many times you will be allowed to roll the dice in the Bonus game.

The Bonus Board Feature takes place on the same Monopoly board that you have been upgrading during the main Monopoly Here and Now game, but here you get to see the board up close and personal. It looks as real as a regular board, but here your playing piece is able to move itself so all you have to do is roll the dice, watch the piece move the appropriate number of spaces and see what reward (or punishment) you get as a result.

  • Land on any property and you will win the value of the property. If you have previously earned an upgrade on that property then you win a lot more than you would on an undeveloped property.

  • If you land on a Chance or Community Chest space then you will be randomly moved to another space or awarded additional rolls or credits, depending on how lucky you happen to be!

  • Land on Go to Jail and you will do just that. Once in Jail, you need to roll a double to get out. Fortunately, if you don’t roll a double in three attempts you will be released anyway – presumably for good behaviour.

  • Land on Go and you will win an additional roll of the dice.

  • Land on Free Parking and you launch the Free Parking Jackpot bonus game.

When you have used up all of your dice rolls the Bonus Board Feature comes to an end and your total bonus win is credited to your account.

Free Parking Jackpot Bonus

Land on Free Parking and you will win a Free Parking jackpot, but which one? Ok, so it is n ot exactly a UK Lotto jackpot with whihc you could buy an expensive car, but to find out you need to do a little car racing...

A mini screen shows three cars, and each car represents one of the three jackpot meters – the red car represents the red jackpot, the orange car represents the orange jackpot and the yellow car represents the yellow jackpot. You will also see a spinner with red, orange and yellow spaces. Spin the spinner and whichever colour it stops on moves the associated car toward the finish line. The first car to the line determines the jackpot that you win.

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